There’s a Dog Name Tag that lasts for Ten Years? Really?

We got tired of having to replace our dog’s name tag every six months or so because the writing had faded or the tag had just fallen off.

So we made a better one. Out of solid brass.

Even if your Ten Year Tag vanishes mysteriously into thin air, we’ll replace it for you at no cost.

Dog ID Tag Solid Brass

A Ten Year Tags Classic Dog ID Tag: 27MM of Solid Brass. Guaranteed For Ten Years – Yes, Even if You (or your dog) Just Lose It!


Now Tag That Dog!

Minor Ts & Cs apply, but if you’re in the UK and need your dog’s Ten Year Tag replaced urgently, you don’t even have to pay for postage. 


For us, IT’S ABSOLUTELY ALL ABOUT THE DOGS. You’ll know about the special the connection between dogs and people. At Ten Year Tags we think this is often underestimated. Our dogs aren’t our pets or our ‘furry friends’. They’re far more important. They’re part of us.


WAIT! I need to see more tags, show me more tags and, ideally, photos of dogs


Okay, here’s a magical gallery of…


dogs we have tagged

What if I want a different size dog tag? Or a special shape?

Louise here, a glorious Italian Greyhound, is clearly DELIGHTED with her 27mm dog name tag that made it all the way to Japan for her. Please don’t eat it Louise.

27mm is the perfect size for all dogs. However, we noticed every dog loves a bone, so we now have a bone-shaped dog name tag

And there’s more… Do you have a really BIG dog? We’re talking Mastiff, or Great Dane here. Then you might well need a Large 33mm Ten Year Tag. Get Your Big Tag for that Big Dog here However, if you need something else, just ask!  

We were indeed asked to make a dog tag in the shape of an airship last year. For a big dog in Bedfordshire, who likes airships. 


An Awesome Italian Greyhound and her Solid Brass Dog Name Tag!
Dog ID Tag Solid Brass and Guaranteed For Ten Years - Even if You Lose It!

Classic Dog Name Tags

Buy Your Classic 27MM Solid Brass Dog Name Tag Today

Solid Brass Bone-Shaped Dog Name Tag. Good Enough To Eat, But Don't Literally Eat It Please.

Bone-Shaped Dog Tag

Every Dog Deserves A Bone. Find Your Dog’s Solid Brass Bone Right Now

A few Ten Year Tags FAQs

It’s what it says on the tin. We got tired of replacing our dog’s name tag every year – sometimes more often – because the previous one had disappeared or become unreadable. So, as we say above, we decided to make a better dog name tag. And guarantee it for Ten Years.

A Catch? There’s got to be a catch…

We haven’t got a catch, we’ve a cap though. Sensible. We need a cap to make sure we can actually stay in business and can help see to it that the dogs of the world are properly tagged!

We provide three completely free replacements. We’re sensible folk and understand dogs. Consequently, we’re aware even the strongest of dog name tags might go missing, perhaps along with the whole collar, no matter how strongly we make them or hard we try to look after them.

NOTE: If you need to make any name, number or address changes on a replacement tag, we need you to buy a new Ten Year Tag. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to offer free replacements when a tag goes astray. We hope that makes sense! 

It’s on the basis of losing one every two and a half years we agree to provide up to three additional tags completely free, after which it’s back to the current price.

Do you think that’s fair? We’re easy to contact and would love to hear what you think.

2023 Update: We love providing replacement dog name tags. Every time a replacement request pops in, we see it as an opportunity to surprise and delight our customers and , more importantly, their dogs.

We prioritize replacement requests, getting replacement tag orders out of the door as swiftly as we can. Why? To amaze our customers of course, but – above all – to keep those dogs out there properly tagged. That’s why we do this. It’s all about the dogs.

We’ve reviews in a few places. Facebook is a good place to see people pleased about receiving their replacement Ten Year Tag (you need to be logged into Facebook for the following link ya know):

Yes, we really do replace a lost dog tag at no cost to you

(small shipping cost if you’re not in the UK)

Good question!

This is where most people answer you by starting to quote the outdated Control of Dogs Order. We’ve written a whole page on why this is Order is out dated and not fit for purpose.

Basically, it’s a 1992 control order, which does not take into account that everyone has a mobile phone* and – importantly – every dog is Microchipped with its owner’s information (law since 2016).

At Ten Year Tags we do not point people at the 1992 Control of Dogs order, as it’s not what’s best for your dog and that’s what’s most important to us.

We know all the dogs we tag are kept under control and properly looked after at all times. We recommend a name – your dog’s name or yours – and a mobile phone number.

It’s up to you of course! We’re happy to engrave what you want. Here’s that page about the 1992 Control of Dogs Order.

*Every time we say ‘everyone has a mobile phone’ someone puts their hand up and says ‘not everyone has a mobile phone‘. Either way, the spirit of what we’re saying is this is about helping make it absolutely as easy as possible for your dog to be reunited with you should she or he wander off.


Dog Name Tags by Ten Year Tags
Dog Name Tags by Ten Year Tags

Oh go on then. We use Royal Mail and charge £3.50 to £5 for First Class* shipping.

*Everything we do is first class here at Ten Year Tags.

Royal Mail says 5 to 7 days for Rest of World and 3 to 5 days for Europe. Sometimes it’s quicker, sometimes slower.

Do remember to give us 3 days in the workshop to make your dog name tag by hand too of course. This can be longer at super-busy times, but it can also be quicker. All you need to do is let us know when you order, with a message along the lines of ‘I NEED MY DOG’S TAG NOW, REALLY, LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE FOR GOODNESS SAKE. CAN YOU JUST DO IT PLEASE?! HURRY’ …and we’ll get the message and put you to the top of the queue. 

Here are a few of the amazing countries we’ve already delivered orders to in 20213(in addition to the UK of course):

Dog Name Tags Delivered to United States of AmericaDog Name Tags Delivered to BelgiumDog Name Tags Delivered to SpainDog Name Tags Delivered to AustraliaDog Name Tags Delivered to CanadaDog Name Tags Delivered to India

We recommend the perfectly-sized 27mm Dog Tag, it’s made from 2mm thick brass, which enables us to guarantee your dog name tag for Ten Years.

Yes. Even if you lose it.

Most novelty shapes on the market or different, thinner materials, just can’t be engraved deeply enough, are weaker and far more prone to breaking or wearing away.

We can now make a larger (33MM) big dog tag for those really big dogs out there. Want a bone-shaped dog name tag? Well okay, don’t tell anyone though. We’ve designed our own to meet our exacting quality standards, which means solid, 2mm thick brass of course.

All dog name tags you buy from Ten Year Tags are made to last Ten Years or more of course and carry our unique Ten Year Guarantee.

Oh yes, if you really REALLY want to try an unusual shape (we have indeed been asked to make pirate ship-shaped dog name tags, not to mention a tag in the shape of a pair of boxing gloves, a handbag and an old fashioned telephone) If you’d really like another size or shape, let us know! Contact Ten Year Tags and tell us what you need via our Contact page!

Contact Ten Year Tags and tell us what you need here

Good question. We have ambitious plans for changing this, but – for now – we supply you with a super-strong split ring.

We’re well aware the split ring is a weak link, especially rubbish ones often sent out with dog tags from other places. We have tested dozens of them here, from rings produced for falconry to split rings for deep sea fishing, those were way TOO strong and a bit too small. Impossible to use without split ring-specific pliers. We tested them all for strength, usability and sustainability.

The split ring we send out is solid enough to not break should you accidentally attach your lead to it. We’ve tested for this extensively.

However, if your dog is massive and as strong as an ox, he or she probably would break it.

Attaching your lead to the split ring is to be avoided at all costs.

Ours are made by a lovely company in the Midlands.

Yes we can engrave dog tags in all fonts

We can engrave in a fair few fonts

Times New Roman is our default font because of its readability on a Dog ID Tag at all point sizes.Not every font works as well, but if you have a favoured font, let us know and we will both try it out or find a near-alternative that works for you.

We engrave each dog tag to order and hand-finish each one. We’ve strict quality control and if yours isn’t perfect, we do it again until it meets Mrs Tagmaster’s* strict Quality Control. 

There’s infilling by hand too, which has to dry.

Please allow THREE TO FIVE DAYS for us to hand-make and post your dog name tag. It could well be with you in less, but we like to under promise and over-deliver 😉

We take getting your order fulfilled as well and as quickly as possible seriously. We don’t want any un-tagged dogs out there!

NEED YOUR TAG SUPER-QUICKLY? Just let us know when you order and we will do it right away. It’s like Speedy Boarding, except there’s no extra cost. 

*Tried calling her The Tagmistress. It sounded wrong. 

You’re in the right place of course right here on this Website brought to you by what we can only describe as the magic of the Internet.

Want to get one some other way? I’m afraid we’re not in any shops yet, but are working on this.

If you don’t want to transact online just let us know via the Contact page and we will sort something out for you.

We gotta tag those dogs! You can order your dog id tag by clicking right here

Yes! There’s now a Ten Year Tags Dog ID Tag Gift Voucher. What a thoughtful present it is too. How many presents are going to given this Christmas that will last Ten Years? Not many I’ll be bound. 

We’ll send you the handmade gift voucher, it’s designed to surprise and delight whosoever receives it. 

You just let us know if you need something different and we’ll sort it right out for you. Otherwise: Buy Your Ten Year Tags Dog ID Tag Gift Voucher Now!

A 27mm Sold Brass Dog ID Tag made by hand in St Albans, Hertfordshire
Brass Dog ID Tag
magical plectrum shaped dog ID tag
bone shaped dog ID tag ten year tags

All Dogs Are good dogs

Canine Partners trains assistance dogs to live with and help some of the more vulnerable in society. From emptying the washing machine to fetching help in an emergency, there’s just so much dogs do for us.

There are currently about 4,800 full time Guide Dogs at work in the UK, each one helping its blind or partially-sighted partner navigate situations they wouldn’t be able to manage without the dog.


Here at Ten Year Tags we think ALL dogs are good dogs and a lovely crossbreed is no exception. Now Tag That Dog!
Here at Ten Year Tags we think ALL dogs are good dogs and a lovely crossbreed is no exception. Now Tag That Dog!

it’s all about the dog

Aside from sniffing out barely-detectable chronic diseases in clinical conditions, there are Medical Detection Dogs living with and constantly monitoring people who have complex, difficult to manage medical conditions.

Let us know if we can help a charity you care about. Even if it’s just providing Dog ID Tags for a raffle or something, we’ll do what we can.