BIG 33MM Dog ID Tag Gift Voucher for a BIG Dog with International shipping included. OH yes.

You can now delight those bigger dogs all over the place courtesy of a Ten Year Tags Gift Voucher, which is valid for ten years, obviously AND shipping of the actual dog name tag is included. 

Need an Emergency Dog ID Tag Gift Voucher Now? We’ll email it to you then you can print it out yourself. Or we can, of course, send it straight to the soon-to-be-delighted recipient.

Of course you’ll not need reminding how Ten Year Dog ID Tags are Guaranteed to last for 10 years, should it be lost, used as coinage either accidentally or on purpose, sold on eBay by a particularly bright dog who needs money to fund his dot com start up (typical Border Collie behaviour) or otherwise damaged. Minimal T&C apply

We got tired of our dog’s name tag getting lost, fading away, or just falling to bits.

So we made a better one.

dog id tag gift voucher
A BIG Dog ID Tag for a Large Dog
  • It’s a proper, physical present 
  • It lasts for Ten Years
  • You’ll win the ‘most thoughtful present’ competition this year
Dog ID Tag Gift Voucher

All Dogs Are good dogs

All dogs deserve a happy life and The Dog’s Trust has been helping dogs enjoy a happy life since 1891. It’s a voice for dogs, some of who can’t speak themselves.

Ten Year Tags Made in England From Brass
The 10 Per Cent Rule

Ten Year Tags is giving Ten Per Cent of all revenue to The Dog’s Trust to help ensure it can keep rescuing and re-homing all those good dogs.