Brass Equipment Tags

We now supply sequentially numbered brass valve tags direct to industry, pretty much any size or shape too. However, we recommend the 27MM x 2MM solid brass tags for maximum longevity. 

Bras Equipment Tags
We will provide a quote for your volumes and specifications, generally beating most times to market, quality and fulfillment / delivery. Most other brass valve tags are far thinner and thus more prone to degrade overall. 

Quantity discounts offered, just let us know your equipment tag requirements. 

Why Brass Valve Tags?

  • Brass is non-magnetic
  • Brass does not rust or corrode
  • Brass withstands high temperatures, up to 650℃ (1200℉) 

Supplied with ball chain fittings. 

Brass Valve Tags

Brass Equipment Tags

based in hertfordshire

Our work shop is in sunny St Albans and we’re happy to travel anywhere that’s required. The biggest order we’ve done is for over 500 sequentially numbered valve tags, completed start to finish AND delivered within 48 hours.

Ten Year Tags Made in England From Brass
traffolyte and flexible laminate

Let us know your requirements, we’re happy to provide a sample. Just let us know what you need.