Important Ten Year Tags Delivery Information

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We make all our Dog Identity Tags to order by hand of course. We take care to lay each one out so what you’ve asked us to engrave on to the 2mm thick brass is as clear and readable as possible.

If it doesn’t pass our strict Quality Control, we do it again.

We use Royal Mail, First Class* postage, we recommend you ALLOW FIVE DAYS for your UK order to arrive.

It could arrive before that, but if you need one urgently for a trip, order in plenty of time or mark the order as URGENT in the Any Special Instructions? box on the order form and we’ll do the dog name tag engraving version of speedy boarding.

Get your dog name tag quickly with Ten Year Tags's Speedy Boarding Equivalent

Unlike EasyJet though, we won’t charge you for the privilege. 

*Everything we do is first class here at Ten Year Tags.

International Orders

We have shipped orders successfully to the US, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, Cyprus, Malta, Hawaii and beyond, all without incident. 

Royal Mail says 5 to 7 days for Rest of World and 3 to 5 days for Europe. Sometimes it’s quicker, sometimes slower. 

Do remember to give us 3 days in the workshop to make your dog name tag by hand too of course. 

Here just a few of the amazing countries we’ve already delivered orders to in 2019 (in addition to the UK of course):

Dog Name Tags Delivered to United States of America  Dog Name Tags Delivered to Belgium  Dog Name Tags Delivered to Japan  Dog Name Tags Delivered to Spain  Dog Name Tags Delivered to Australia  Dog Name Tags Delivered to Canada  Dog Name Tags Delivered to India