Make Your Own Cigarette Cards


Every time someone orders a Ten Year Tag Dog Name Tag and tells us the breed of dog (it’s not compulsory, we’re just nosey) we provide a unique cigarette card specific to that breed.


We make them ourselves with nothing but a cheap inkjet printer and a desire to learn and entertain at the same time. It’s all good therapy. 


A full, step-by-step guide to making your own cigarette cards, including the paper weight, how to print double sided accurately (with a cheap inkjet printer) and more is coming. Especially if anyone shows any interest! Admittedly it’s a niche area. We like it though, it gives us opportunity to learn about every breed of dog out there. There are a lot of them you know.

Make Your Own Cigarette Cards

When we started Ten Year Tags, we decided to provide a ‘Cigarette Card’* showing the breed of the dog who had ordered. Well, okay his or her person did the order, but you know what I mean.


Arthur Wardle was the artist who created one of the best-known sets. I’ve had ’em since my dad collected them, probably when he was a lad, as these were on the market circa 1930s and beyond.


Wait, what’s that? What do you mean Arthur Wardle only painted about 50 breeds of dog? And not a SINGLE BORDER COLLIE?! Different times eh? Yes we noticed this.


In the first few months of tagging dogs we’ve had orders for well over 100 different breeds already. We’ve had to make our own cards each time there’s no vintage one, we always write the content on the reverse of course. Each time we do, it’s a great opportunity to learn about a breed we might not have come across.


Even by lunchtime today we’d had a Maltipoo, a Sproodle and a Duck Tolling Retriever. Yesterday a Podenco joined the ranks, along with a Treeing Walker Coonhound. Crazy man!


I’ve started to make a page for each one, using the text and image that makes the back and front of each cigarette card. Here’s the Brittany Spaniel, just 147 to go.


Ah, I’ve managed the Welsh Springer Spaniel as well now. 


*’Trading card’ is probably a more socially acceptable name in the no-smoking 2018s. To be fair, some of the vintage cards we found went out with tea as well, back in the day.