Oh no, it’s gone…

Let’s sort out that missing, broken, or otherwise not fit for purpose any more Ten Year Tag. Fill the form in below and we’ll get on it right away.

Just to be clear, this exciting page you’re reading right now as we speak is where you replace a previously purchased Ten Year Tag that’s gone missing or failed.

Here’s where you go if you need to buy a new tag or make any changes to an existing tag, such as changing an address or phone number:

Buy a Dog Name Tag Now

All replacement requests are dealt with as a priority, as we would worry too much about your dog choosing today or tomorrow to go and have a mooch about uptown by his or herself.

Our Terms & Conditions are not complicated. It’s basically 3 x free replacements after which we need to cover consumable costs, any changes required at time of replacement require a small charge, there’s a shipping cost for overseas orders otherwise that’s it!