Oh no, it’s gone…

Let’s sort out that missing, broken, or otherwise not fit for purpose any more Ten Year Tag. Fill the form in below and we’ll get on it right away.

Just to be clear, this exciting page you’re reading right now as we speak is where you replace a previously purchased Ten Year Tag that’s gone missing or failed.

The following button takes you to where you go if you need to buy a new tag or to make any changes to a previously purchased tag, such as changing an address or phone number, if either are the case, you need to:

Buy a Dog Name Tag Now

All replacement requests are dealt with as a priority, as we would worry too much about your dog choosing today or tomorrow to go and have a mooch about uptown by his or herself.

Our Terms & Conditions are not complicated. It’s basically three free replacements after which it’s time to start again with a new tag purchase. Tha’s it! 


How Do I Replace My Lost Dog ID Tag? 

This is where people say: ‘It couldn’t be easier!‘ We don’t agree with such an asinine phrase at Ten Year Tags, it’s a daft thing to say really. It could ALWAYS be easier.

For instance, as soon as you bought a tag, we could find out when and where you walk your dog and agree to follow you around in our black Range Rover (we haven’t got one yet, but would need one to make THIS work) and wait for your dog’s ID tag to drop off. They do that sometimes, we try to minimize it via the magic of engineering, but they still will occasionally vanish.

Anyway, we could follow you, discretely of course, and as soon as we heard you proclaim: ‘Oh no! Moon Unit has lost her tag‘ we’d dive out of the Range Rover (2021 model, plug in hybrid) and run toward you screaming and sounding air horns.

Extreme Tagging

Mrs Tagmaster would do a dance to distract you, while I re-tag Moon Unit with the spare we were following you with, we’d run back to the Range Rover (300hp 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with a 143hp electric motor to produce a total of 404hp) still screaming, obviously, head to the nearest micro brewery tap room for a debrief.

However, we can’t do that so-called ‘it couldn’t be easier‘ method for technical reasons. Health and safety reasons too, now I think about it.

Get to the point please

To get your dog ID tag replaced, please go here: Replace My Tag and fill in the teeny weeny tiny form and we’ll get that tag out to you as quickly as we can, which is usually same day if we get the form before lunchtime.

Thank You.