Your Ten Year Tags Guarantee

Ten Year Tags guarantees to keep you supplied with the highest-quality dog name tag you’re likely to find for Ten Years from the month of purchase. 

Ten Year Tags will replace your dog name tag with an identical dog name tag to the one initially supplied, including postage (UK only) for a Ten Year period from the month of purchase.

Should you lose your dog tag, or the engraving become so worn it gets too difficult to read, we will send out a replacement matching the specification of the originally-supplied tag.

Ten Year Tags will provide up to three replacements on this basis, after which you may purchase another, new Ten Year Tag and start afresh. Woo hoo!

We will continue to provide FREE UK Postage as long as we can, but we can’t predict Royal Mail increasing postage costs to double figures of course. However, we’re pretty sure this won’t happen, they’re a sensible bunch at Royal Mail. 

If you need to make any name or address changes, a new order will be required.

International Customers

The above conditions apply, but we do have to charge postage for free replacements for international tag orders. We always do our best to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Claiming your replacement tag



No reference number to remember, as long as you can remember your dog’s name, the phone number that was engraved on the tag and can get to then you’re in business.

Should you ever need to replace a lost, or worn tag just come back here and go to the Replace My Tag page and you’re on the way.

Alternatively, you can phone your replacement requirement through on:

0756 333 2002

You may also email your replacement requirement directly to: tagmaster at